Lydia Shaw & Tina Mammoser Exhibition

HLGBT York produced the collaboration with Lydia Shaw Tina Mammoser & Lip-Sync York at the John Cooper Theatre.

Lydia’s work explores the realms of gender, confidence & sexuality she focuses predominantly on the female form while toying with the idea of “what lies beneath”.

lydia-workOil on acrylic – L.Shaw

Tina’s inspired by landscapes, she creates precise drawings with a creative & changed reality in the line & pattern. Working between these contrasts of paint & pencil the art evolves.


Framed Graphites on gessoed plywood

Tina Mammoser Exhibition

An evening with American-born British artist Tina Mammoser.
She identifies very strongly with the British tradition for landscape & seascape painting while still retaining a certain “midwestern” eye for landscape with flat perspective & vast open spaces.
Mammoser’s artworks have been described as abstract skyscrapers inspired by the colour & atmosphere of the coast, aiming to reflect a minimalist experience of that place & time.
Her works have been shown at galleries across the country & are collected internationally. Her exhibitions include the Pastel Society, Royal Society of Marine Artists, the National Maritime Museum, Dulwich Picture Gallery, at the Derwent Art Prize, & galleries on Cork Street. Projects have included astronomy drawing workshops with the Essex Wildlife Trust, a drawing residency on the New Jersey coast, painting residency on the Newfoundland coast & time at the National Maritime Museum using their historic Camera Obscura.



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